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Gander Throw – Free Crochet Pattern

It’s no secret that I love designing and crocheting blankets with stark, graphic patterns. I always have fun planning them out, thinking of all the fun things I can make with a simple crochet technique and some bold color changes. The Gander Throw is no exception. This blanket pattern draws inspiration from the colors of fall, as well as one of my favorite kinds of pattern – chevron. Using simple two toned squares, this free blanket pattern is a great project to work on the go. Just make your squares and then assemble them according to a simple chart. The oversized squares are my favorite because you only need to make thirty!

For this blanket, I really wanted to pack in the texture. One of my all time favorite stitches is the grit stitch; it alternates single and double crochet stitches for a really squishy fabric. It’s perfect for a blanket! I also knew I wanted to incorporate some great fall colors, but keep the pattern modern instead of too retro. I think the Gander Throw really walks that line well.

The Yarn

For this pattern, I chose to work with one of my all time favorite acrylic yarns, Brava Worsted from WeCrochet. I have used this yarn for several other blankets, including the Fractal Throw and my Barn Quilt Blanket. It holds up so well in the wash, and maintains it’s vibrancy after tons of uses. Plus – it comes in so many colors! A lot of worsted acrylics have minimal color palettes but Brava is available in over 40 colorways. You’re sure to find a color combo you love.

The entire free pattern is below, or you can pick up a low cost PDF on Ravelry or Etsy.

Materials Needed

WeCrochet Brava Worsted, 100% acrylic, 218 yards/ball 3 colors

  • Cream – 6 balls
  • Persimmon – 3 balls
  • Dublin – 2 balls

6 mm crochet hook

Darning needle

Steamer for blocking


ch – chain

st(s) – stitch(es)

sl st – slip stitch

sc – single crochet

hdc – half double crochet

dc – double crochet

hdc2tog – half double crochet two together

hdc3tog – half double crochet three together

mc – main color

cc – contrast color


12 sts x 12 rows = 4” in pattern st


  • Ch 2 does not count as a st.
  • For this blanket, the main color is Cream, contrast colors are Dublin and Persimmon.
  • Blanket pattern calls for 17 squares where Persimmon is the contrast color, and 13 squares where Dublin is the contrast color.
  • It is recommended that you block prior to seaming.
  • Leave long tails when fastening off your squares and you may use those ends to seam your blanket.
  • Blanket is assembled by rotating squares and seaming according to the schematic.
  • For the border, exact number of sc is not required; you may do more or less; main focus should be on making your sc even across the edges.
  • Finished blanket measures 41″ x 50″


With cc, Ch 2

Row 1: (Hdc, dc, hdc) in the second ch from hook, ch 1, turn. <3>

Row 2: (Hdc, dc) in first st, sc 1, (dc, hdc) in last st, ch 1, turn. <5>

Row 3 : (Hdc, dc) in first st, sc 1, dc1, sc1, (dc, hdc) in last st, ch 1, turn. <7>

Row 4: (Hdc, dc) in first st, *sc 1, dc 1*, repeat from * to * until two sts remain, sc1, (dc, hdc) in last st, ch 1, turn. <9>

Rows 5 – 16: Repeat row 4. <33>

Switch to MC.

Row 17: Hdc2tog, *dc 1, sc 1*, repeat from * to * until 3 sts remain, dc 1, hdc2tog, ch 1, turn. <31>

Rows 18 – 29: Repeat row 17. <7>

Row 30. Hdc2tog, dc 1, sc 1, dc 1, hdc2tog, ch 1, turn. <5>

Row 31. Hdc2tog, sc 1, hdc2tog, ch 1, turn. <3>

Row 32: Hdc3tog.

Fasten off.


Steam block to measurements specified. Seam together squares as shown in schematic below.


With MC, attach yarn in bottom right corner of the blanket with the right side facing you.

Round 1: Sc 120 up the long side of the blanket, 3sc in corner, sc 100 across the top edge, 3sc in corner, sc 120 down the side of the blanket, 3sc in corner, sc 100 across the bottom edge, 3sc in corner, join with slst to first st, ch 1. Do not turn.

Round 2: Sc in each st around, join with slst to first st, fasten off. Weave in ends

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