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Tunisian Crochet Bobbles Tutorial

I’ve been on a total Tunisian Crochet kick lately! I really enjoy learning new techniques and stitches in Tunisian.

Bobbles have always been one of my go to methods for adding pops of texture to traditional crochet, so of course I wanted to implement them into my Tunisian toolkit. To my surprise – they’re even more simple than I could have imagined!

If you are familiar with double crochet bobbles, Tunisian bobbles will be a breeze for you because they are almost exactly the same! The main difference is that you are working a row below your active row.

For the purpose of this tutorial, I’m working on a background of Tunisian Simple Stitch. However, you could use any background stitch you like. These bobbles would stand out equally well on Tunisian Knit Stitch.

In the video below, I’ve started out with two rows of Tunisian Simple Stitch. To complete the bobble, you do the following steps:

1. YO, insert hook from right to left under vertical bar one row below your active bar. YO, and pull up a loop. YO again and pull through two loops on hook.

2. Repeat step 1 twice more, working into the same vertical bar you worked into for step one.

3. YO, pull through 3 loops on hook.

Voila! You’ve completed one Tunisian Bobble! I like to separate my bobbles with two background stitches – I think it helps them stand out. In the video I’ve done one bobble followed by two simple stitches, then another bobble, then two simple stitches, and so on.